Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm a Veteran that won't take Veterans Day off, and here is why.


Don't misinterpret this until you read through, I respect, admire, and thank all my fellow veterans for their service.  As a veteran I was taught to give my enemy no rest, no relief, to outlast them,  and through every action no matter how small insure it's purpose served to insure victory.  We are still in a fight, a fight that is in every sense of the word is "war".  People are losing their lives, families are being attacked,  our treasure and national assets are being expended

Cancer shows up to battle every day, an unrelenting and mysterious foe that strikes silently at everything we hold dear.  If I have a few hrs or a day to spend doing anything that can help win the fight I must do it.  Stamina, even though I am not a doctor or scientist I can launch email campaigns to corporate partners, work on our service offering which matches R&D efforts to talent, read a paper on bioinformatics, or just reflect on the struggles of those directly affected and reach out to them.  Studies have shown disproportional numbers of veterans from conflicts in SE and SW Asia suffering from cancer but this affects everyone.

We will win.