Monday, November 14, 2016

Computers vs. Cancer

Bright Candidate is excited to announce a new aspect to our service that will work to bring critical skills to the fight against cancer.

Using the Bright Candidate matching platform professionals can now be matched to research, volunteer, or commercial roles within cutting edge foundations, grant programs, and companies in need of skills to develop treatments and unravel cures for cancer. 

Qualified research programs including public and privately funded grant, charity, or foundation based efforts (and certain non-for profits) will have unlimited access to interested professionals at no cost. 

Qualified commercial or for profit companies will be offered reduced pricing or special subscriptions. 

In 2011 Professor David Patterson outlined the advantages that people typically outside of medical and research fields can offer. This contributed to advances in bioinformatics and the application of new data technologies to the fight.  It's not just engineers that we think can help, it takes a wide variety of professionals to keep programs successfully afloat. We believe that many more people want to become involved in the fight of our time, and that virtually none of us are, or will remain, untouched by cancer.     

We invite you to join us by selecting "Join The Fight" in your profile indicating your interest in helping to make a difference inside one of these terrific organizations.

Researchers and companies on the front lines, please fill out an employer interest form and we will get you started matching against a smart and motivated talent pool looking for exactly your type of opportunity.