Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How your resume is being exploited by recruiters and job sites

One of our guiding principles here at Bright Candidate has been safeguarding candidate resumes and their personal information, in security circles this is known as PII or personally identifiable information. It seems that only from the widely accepted security point of view should it be illegal or unethical to possess or disseminate this information; in the recruiting world it's a common business practice.  Not only does the practice of buying, selling, or sharing this data open the door to identity theft, stolen valor, and host of impersonation schemes, it also ROBS the owners of their information's value so that others can profit.

Having a new business that guarantees privacy has me wondering how many of these new sites are able to list thousands of candidate resumes so quickly, but the answer is obvious after being in this industry for a few months. They are buying resumes, which means someone is selling them.  I urge you to NEVER make available a resume or your personal data without totally understanding the terms of service and what you agree too.  With many corporate job sites also being handled by rented systems diverting data could be another reason why your spam box might be filling up.

Any recruiter hitting you up isn't bound to care for your information either,  in fact large sites like offer split placements where recruiters upload any resumes they can get their hands on making it available to everyone, for their own gain of course. They might not have gotten you the job but they got your data which is the real value in these schemes.

Your information is big business, outside of I've not seen anyone else safeguarding and making the candidates partners in that business.  Imagine a world where you were not harassed endlessly by recruiters, where you broadcast your skills when you are ready and have companies apply to you through one channel, AND you are paid for offering this convenience to everyone involved. That's why we built this.