Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How does Bright Candidate help Employers?

Many people in the skilled trades side of things know little about how companies recruit, hire, and retain talent. And until you start your own business and begin to think about how to grow your company from startup to small business, it may be hard to appreciate just how monumental this task is.

One of the first challenges is candidate sourcing, or simply finding qualified people for the openings you have. In many cases, there are only a handful of candidates in the market who tightly match the qualifications of your opening, in the right location, and at the right time. So, it truly is time to apply the old adage of "needle in a haystack." These people aren't going to just magically pop up, you must actually go find them. Social networks like LinkedIn have become a great resource for this, but still lack a couple key ingredients, timing and fit. You may be able to find the right people, but how do you know if they currently have any interest in your company, or opportunity? The short answer is you really don't.

And even if you were able to interview every single one of these tight matches, many will still not work out due to many other factors: compensation, not the right fit for the team/company, competing offers, you name it. That's why a recruiters job involves a LOT of pre-screening. The better a recruiter is able to assess fit and other intangibles, as well as discuss compensation upfront without turning off the candidate, the more time and money they can save their company in the form of wasted interviews and potentially bad hires.

Bright Candidate helps companies by lightening the load on recruiting teams by sourcing and pre-screening candidates. 

That's great, you say. But a lot of companies claim to do sourcing and pre-screening, what makes you special?

  1. Our candidate-centric model makes us different, for starters. Our market research (and personal experience) tells us that most recruiting sites and services are designed for recruiters, not candidates. And it shows. That's why our process starts with the candidate. We get the complete picture, and evaluate matches from there. Our unique Engagement process takes the guesswork out of that initial conversation.
  2. Our matching solution is comprehensive. Our proprietary matching engine crunches the numbers and computes a score based on a variety of factors, not just keywords and skills. Its also not completely reliant on software to make all the decisions. We augment our matching solution with our own senior industry experts. What better way to screen a software developer than to ask a senior one who has hired and evaluated hundreds over their career?
  3. We make this sustainable. With a pricing model that ties our success to yours, and costs no more than what a typical employee referral bonus program would. This is a solution that you can rely on for the long term.
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