Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Bright Candidate Works

It's been a little over two months since our soft launch back in January.

A new logo, a face lift for our homepage, and a new set of features enhancing candidate signup and our company matching and targeting process have been keeping us busy.

We've signed up over 300 candidates during this short time using purely organic reach (social media, networking, and word of mouth). Those candidates are spread mostly over Software Engineering, Cyber Security, and IT Support disciplines, but also include Project Management, Marketing and Finance.

Probably our most exciting new feature is our Automated Job Search, which automatically scours the Internet for current jobs matching your profile. The goal is to identify a short list of companies and then, after some input from you, we can reach out to our network of recruiters and hiring managers directly at those companies with an anonymous preview of your resume.

We have already received positive feedback on this feature from our candidates and will continue to improve the accuracy of the search as well as the reach of our employer network.

How does it work?


The most common question I get from interested candidates is "how does this thing work?" So I wanted to take the chance to break this down step-by-step.

1. Candidates signup and create an online (secure, anonymous) resume.
2. Our Talent Advocates review and work directly with you to insure quality presentation and completeness.
3. We perform an automated job search using your resume as search criteria, identifying a short list of companies who are currently hiring.
4. We present this list to you, giving you an opportunity to prioritize and trim it.
5. We anonymously present your resume to hiring managers and recruiters at those companies.
6. If there's interest, you'll be Engaged through our platform and go through their internal hiring process.
7. If an official offer is tendered, that will also happen through our platform where your sign-on bonus is documented and guaranteed by us after 90 days of employment.

This is our "candidate-centric" concept for what the ultimate job search experience should be. We hope that not only will our candidates get a fair shot at maximizing their value in the marketplace but also get some valuable feedback on their resume about how to best present themselves to prospective employers.

As always, our door is open. Please reach out directly with any questions or Signup today.