Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bright Candidate is now online!

Bright Candidate, the self-recruiting website, has officially launched online services today. 

Is it time for candidates to earn the fees that recruiters and job sites have turned into a 10 Billion dollar industry as middlemen?

Skilled worker scarcity in the economy that includes IT, healthcare, and extends into the skilled trades has been propelling third party recruiting fees into rare air, often as high as 30% of a candidate’s first year salary.  That’s not surprising to HR directors as internal efforts are largely using the same methods and services to find candidates, and facing the same downsides.

BOSTON, Mass. – Jan 13, 2016

While online job services, social media, and thousands of headhunters vie to package and sell the profiles/credentials of their users or access to them, Bright Candidate offers candidates and employers a win/win scenario.  Saving employers as much as 75% off the current market contingent fees by paying candidates 1-9% of their first years salary as a “bonus” for recruiting themselves, Bright Candidate is striking a chord with workers growing tired of being productized.  

So is it time to pay candidates?  “Paying someone that successfully lands your job via Bright Candidate can be less expensive than internal hiring efforts and is definitely much less than the “tax” paid to cover the low conversion rates and high level of efforts from outsourced hiring”, explains April Newmoyer, Head of Customer care.  The candidate fee can also serve as the hiring bonus employers would like to pay but often have to forgo due to the current cost realities.

“We set out to do two things for people, pay job candidates twice what any other service or recruiter offers as a referral, and cost employers half what any other service or recruiter is charging them, and we solidly deliver that.” says Co-Founder and CEO Chris Wyse. But can they compete against mega-sites like LinkedIn and popular aggregators, some which also pay out referral fees?

“The challenge from subscription based services or aggregators is their lower cost looks attractive but hides the much higher levels of effort to eventually screen and land an employee”, explained the CEO,  “there is also very little in the way of discovering cross compatibility with just resumes and keywords.  We offer a technology solution with custom matching to find not only right skill sets but the right cultural fit”.

Costs benefits are not the only Bright Candidate advantages, “We help candidates get matched for free with employers until a mutual interest sparks a conversation”, explains Co-Founder and CTO Jason Newmoyer. Bright Candidate features an Engagement model similar to the first rounds of interviewing where there is room to negotiate and discover if the opportunity is right from both sides before moving on with the employer’s hiring practices.

If you are considering a change or looking for talent, the Bright Candidate platform is built to age off inactive resumes and job-reqs, as well as make privacy concerns a feature with one of the most comprehensive privacy policies in the staffing industry. But don’t confuse Bright Candidate with a recruiter, they are a job matching platform for those that want to recruit themselves!