Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Job matching instead of skills searching

By Chris Wyse, Co Found of Bright Candidate

If you are having trouble finding employees, even among skilled candidates, don’t worry, you are not alone.

One problem every employer faces is a direct result of inefficiencies at the initial phase of recruiting, where searching and conversations start. Searching profiles or resumes using keywords for skills and experiences casts the net wide requiring culling based on many further constraints.

As a thought experiment, imagine you are able to easily find the top actively looking candidates in your area based on skills/experience at will. After that you are still left to figure out the level of mutual interest and compatibility against a much larger and tougher set of criteria. 

Today those first touches are often accomplished via email or social media contact which ironically is steadily decreasing the value of those methods. I know, I am getting anywhere between 1-5 messages a week from recruiters. Facts are bearing this out as it’s costing employers more to hire then ever before, including lost opportunity costs.

I could explain that I created Bright Candidate to match against a much wider set of criteria beside skills but that would only be half the story. Bright Candidate actually LEARNS what makes your company and jobs special, improving over time at finding the type of candidates who JUST FIT.

Bright Candidate's mission is to help create sustainable hiring practices that benefit both employers and candidates. Sign up today at and get ready to begin.